A flutter of subtle, telekinetic force causes your target to drop a single nonmagical carried item weighing no more than 1 pound per caster level, such as a coin purse, a key ring, or a loose object in its pocket. The target must succeed at a Perception check against the spell’s save DC to notice the dropped item. You select what item the target drops as long as you can see both your target and the item you wish to affect. This use of the spell can’t cause a target to lose a held item or anything it is wearing, including jewelry. You can instead cast _lightfingers_ to attempt a single disarm or stealAPG combat maneuver, using your caster level instead of your base attack bonus, and using your Charisma, Intelligence, or Wisdom modifier, whichever is highest, instead of your Strength modifier. This disarm or steal attempt does not provoke attacks of opportunity and cannot be affected by feats or other means of altering a combat maneuver’s effects. This use of the spell is immediately obvious.