You befuddle the targets’ senses, preventing the targets from clearly perceiving their surroundings. Instead, hoodwinked creatures see only the roughest shapes and details and hear only muffled noises. However, targets can clearly hear verbal communication from the spell’s caster. This spell does not impart understanding of the caster’s language if the creature can’t already understand it. Other than to hear the caster speak, targets automatically fail Perception checks with DCs greater than 5, and they are too disoriented by the spell to accurately remember the path they took while under its effects. While under the effects of this spell, targets without the help of a guide move at half speed, and any attacks they make are treated as though the creature they are attacking had concealment. Moving faster than half speed requires targets to succeed at a DC 10 Acrobatics check. Those that fail this check fall prone. If the target is attacked or physically harmed by any creature other than another target of _hoodwink_, the spell’s effect ends immediately for that target only.