You befuddle the target’s mind, making it more willing to believe even the most outlandish tales. The target takes a –10 penalty on Sense Motive checks for the spell’s duration. In addition, creatures that attempt to lie to or deceive the target gain a +10 bonus on their Bluff checks, as if the target wanted to believe them and was drunk or impaired simultaneously. Furthermore, the believability of any lie told to a creature under the effects of gullibility increases by one step; an impossible lie seems far-fetched, a far-fetched lie seems unlikely, and an unlikely lie seems believable. A creature gains no benefits from [_glibness_](/spells/glibness) on Bluff checks to lie to or deceive a creature that is under the effects of _gullibility_; in effect, _gullibility_ renders a target so willing to believe what others say that [_glibness_](/spells/glibness) cannot make their words any more believable.