You warp the target creature’s flesh, discoloring it and causing it to become misshapen and impairing its function. When you cast this spell, you must choose one of three types of effects to inflict on the target—movement, attacks, or defense. _Attacks_: One of the creature’s natural attacks takes a –2 penalty on attack and damage rolls, only scores a critical hit on a natural 20, and only deals ×2 damage on a confirmed critical hit. _Defense_: The creature’s natural armor bonus decreases by –4, to a minimum bonus of +0. _Movement_: One of the creature’s movement speeds (chosen by you) is halved. Most undead are susceptible to _fleshcurdle_, but amorphous creatures and creatures without flesh are immune (such as elementals, oozes, plants, gaseous or incorporeal creatures, and skeletons). #### Mythic Fleshcurdle **Source** [_Mythic Origins pg. 12_]( You can choose two effects instead of one effect, or may choose to enhance one effect. If you enhance the attack effect, all of the creature’s natural attacks are affected. If you enhance the defense effect, in addition to _fleshcurdle_’s normal effect on natural armor bonus, any critical threats against the creature gain a +4 bonus on the confirmation roll. If you enhance the movement effect, all of the creature’s movement speeds are halved. **Augmented (6th)**: If you expend two uses of mythic power, you can choose two enhanced effects to inflict upon the target.