This spell temporarily imbues a potable liquid (including elixirs, extracts, potions, and poisons) with an intoxicant. The caster must succeed at a caster level check in order to affect magic liquids and poisons (DC = 10 + item level for magic liquids, DC equal to the poison’s save DC for a poison); otherwise, the spell fails. If the caster succeeds, the liquid also assumes a flavor according to what the caster desires, but the effect on the imbiber is the same. An imbiber of a liquid affected by _ferment_ must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw at the spell’s save DC or take a –2 penalty on attack rolls, saves, ability checks, and skill checks for the remaining duration of the spell. Additionally, the DC of any skill check to identify a magic liquid or poison under the effects of this spell increases by 5.