As the Inner Sea’s bravest men and women answered the call of what became the Second Mendevian Crusade, constructing the _wardstones_ that eventually kept the brutal chaos of the Worldwound at bay, they realized that they needed help beyond traditional magics. Legends say that the first _eaglesoul_ spell was created when an agathion avoral joined his own spirit with that of a courageous paladin who was about to be overwhelmed on the field of battle. The holy knight used the combined might of the agathion’s great strength and his own to win the day for the crusaders. Now, although the spell is still in use chiefly among those that patrol the borders of the Worldwound, other champions of good have carried it with them to all corners of the Inner Sea region. When you cast this spell, you reach into the great beyond and beseech a good-aligned outsider for their aid against evil. The outsider infuses a small portion of its own power into you, making you a powerful force for good. You gain a +2 morale bonus on all Perception checks made against evil creatures, a +2 bonus on Initiative checks, and [_detect evil_](/spells/detect-evil) as a constant spell-like ability. In addition, once during the spell’s duration you can call forth a surge of holy power when fighting an evil creature. Doing so is a swift action that shortens the spell’s remaining duration so that its remaining hours of duration become rounds of duration. For the rest of this duration, the surge of power grants you the following benefits: * A +2 sacred bonus to AC * A +4 sacred bonus to Strength * Resistance 5 to acid and fire * A +5 sacred bonus on all Intimidate checks made against evil creatures * Fast healing 2 * Any critical threat roll made against an evil creature with a weapon you wield is automatically confirmed. Although this surge of power can be activated against any evil opponent, this ability activates automatically as soon as you attack any evil outsider, regardless of whether you hit or not, and regardless of whether you actually recognize that the target is in fact an evil outsider. In such cases the activation is a free action. Nongood spellcasters can cast this spell, but doing so causes them to be sickened (for spellcasters who are neither good nor evil) or staggered (for spellcasters who are evil) for the spell’s duration.