This spell allows you to turn a potion into a temporary pool of necromantic energy. Only a potion created using a conjuration (healing) spell can be affected by this spell. An affected potion turns dark red and reveals a necromantic aura if [_detect magic_](/spells/detect-magic) is cast on it while it remains under this spell’s effects. When you drink a potion affected by this spell, you do not gain the potion’s normal effect. Instead, the first necromancy spell you cast within the next minute is cast at a higher caster level. The bonus to caster level is equal to the spell level of the spell used to create the potion that _deathwine_ affects. For example, a 5th-level wizard who drinks _deathwine_ made from a _potion of cure serious wounds_ would cast his next necromancy spell as an 8th-level caster, as [_cure serious wounds_](/spells/cure-serious-wounds) is a 3rd-level spell. In addition, any undead creature (or other creature healed by negative energy) that drinks a potion affected by _deathwine_ is healed of 1d8 points of damage. Any potion not imbibed before this spell’s duration expires is destroyed at the end of the _deathwine’s_ duration.