You reshape the substance of a willing undead creature to resemble a living, breathing creature of the same size. This is a physical change to the undead creature’s bone, flesh, or incorporeal ectoplasm, adding new flesh or bone and even hair, teeth, and blood, all of which demonstrate false signs of life that mimic a living creature’s breathing and other physiological processes. An incorporeal undead creature using _daywalker_ ceases to be incorporeal for the duration of the spell, gaining a physical corpse body. Creatures interacting with the undead can attempt a Perception check (DC = 30 or DC = 21 + the undead’s Disguise modifier, whichever is higher) to realize that the signs of life are false, and a close examination with a Heal check always reveals the truth of the dead flesh. If the undead has the frightful presence, incorporeal, light blindness, light sensitivity, stench, sunlight powerlessness, or unnatural aura abilities, the spell suppresses them. An undead creature whose touch normally deals damage, ability drain, or energy drain doesn’t do so while under the spell’s effects. The target of this spell may end its duration at any time as a standard action.