You mark the target with a black marking on its skin; the mark’s exact appearance determined by you, but can be no larger than your hand. The _black mark_ functions as a [_mark of justice_](/spells/mark-of-justice), and when the mark is activated, the target becomes shaken anytime it is on or in the water more than a 5 feet from shore. In addition, as long as the _black mark_ is active, the target is affected as if subject to _nature’s exile_, but all creatures with the aquatic or water subtype or with a swim speed are made hostile, even those not of the animal type, though non-aquatic animals are not. #### Mythic Black Mark **Source** [_Mythic Adventures pg. 85_]( Any time the cursed creature travels on or in the water more than 1 mile from shore, each day it (or the vessel it’s on) is attacked by one or more aquatic or water monsters, as if summoned by _summon nature’s ally VII_ (caster level 13th).