You tap into your latent amphibian strengths, unlocking a short-lived physical talent. Armor or gear you are wearing adjusts to your new shape for the duration of the spell. When you cast _batrachian surge_, choose one of the following features to gain its associated benefits. You can have only one _batrachian surge_ spell active on you at a time. **Gills**: Your throat expands, and gill slits appear along your neck. You can breathe underwater. **Leaping**: Your legs elongate and become especially muscular. You are always treated as having a running start when attempting Acrobatics checks to jump, and you gain a competence bonus on Acrobatics checks to jump equal to your caster level. **Swimming**: You grow a large tadpole tail, and your other limbs shrink slightly. You gain a swim speed equal to your base land speed. **Tongue**: Your tongue extends to the length of your body. Increase your reach by 5 feet when delivering touch spells. This increased reach doesn’t stack with any other spells or abilities that affect your reach.