You shroud a number of creatures in an aura of suspicion and fill them with extreme paranoia regarding their allies. Affected targets believe their companions are behaving erratically, nervously, and seemingly with an eye towards betrayal. Creatures under the effect of _apparent treachery_ do not have allies and are not considered to be an ally to any other creature, including other creatures affected by this spell. They cannot move freely through their allies’ spaces, flank creatures with them, cooperate with them using teamwork feats, or give or receive benefits from the aid another action or any spells or effect that affects only allies. If creatures affected by this spell are able to take attacks of opportunity, they always do so against provoking opponents, including those who were their allies before being affected by this spell. A creature not under the effects of the spell who is trying to cast a spell against an affected target must succeed at an attack roll to touch the target, even if the spell is harmless, though the affected creature is not forced to attempt saving throws against harmless effects.