The Garundi tenaciously protect their homes, and through the years they have perfected magic to aid them in their defense. An immobile, crystalline, weblike globe surrounds you. When the _ablative sphere_ winks into existence, it provides you with improved cover (_Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook_ 196). The barrier does not impede a spell’s line of sight or effect. The sphere is 1 inch thick per caster level, has hardness 5, and 3 hit points per inch of thickness. When an _ablative sphere_ loses hit points, the level of cover it provides is reduced. When the _ablative sphere_ has lost one-third of its hit points, it provides cover instead of improved cover. Once it has lost two-thirds of its hit points, it provides only partial cover. Finally, when the _ablative sphere_’s hit points reach 0, the globe is destroyed. When an attack reduces an _ablative sphere_’s hit points to 0, you take any remaining damage.